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Our ethos is to provide top quality team building with a purpose. We strive to give our clients the best possible experience. Working with you to achieve your objectives, having in built flexibility, as all our products are designed in house.

Our aim:
All of our events are facilitated allowing your staff to have fun, whilst subtly gaining the benefits of a Team building away days experience.

If you have an idea for your away day no matter how wacky or off the wall it may seem, give us a call and see if we can bring it to fruition. 
Let us arrange one of our away days and your team will be talking about it for months.

We have a large range of activities for indoor, outdoor, and evening events around the southern UK, including Corporate Murder Mystery, team games, mini Olympics, arts challenges, teambuilding challenges and stress busting techniques. 
Over 30 different teambuilding events.


Call us with your requirements. 01489 505220 for your Team building

Great events:
Murder Mystery: Professional actors challenge your team to solve the crime. A half, full or evening dinner team build. Themed to Classic Agatha Christie style, 007, Gangsters, corporate or modern day. Customised to your company.

Murder Mystery Team Building Away Day

Great for daytime, evenings or weekends. We can supply a full team of actors to provide the intrigue or your team can have parts in the murder plot with our actor facilitators to guide you. Any location. Extremely flexible and can be tailored to your requirements.
Bespoke script service available.
This team building is particularly useful as it allows for a wide age range of those attending. This team build can also be readily Incorporated with other more physical aspects of team building should you require this. All production and scripting is produced in house. We do not use third party companies. 

See our specialist murder mystery site.

Recent clients for this murder mystery team building include; The Royal Ballet, Estee Lauder and Office of National Statistics.

Spooks Secret agent team building
Your team are given the chance to train as covert operators or 'Spooks' and then carry out a secret mission.
Fun event with a good mix of skills required.
Teams  are given code names at the start and have to maintain though out the day
The tasks are a mixture of physical  (not too strenuous) and the more cerebral.
Training includes: Cross the chasm and rescue the injured aliens.
Secret signals - across about 500 yds without physical  aids how do you communicate?
Exploding balls (best not to ask)
Who lives conundrum
Escape and evade
Morse Code

'MI5 Not Nine to Five'
Your team will be involved before the actual day. Issued with a code which when broken will lead them to a secret website to find their mission details and code name for the day. Played in real time on the day, your team have to beat the clock to stop the international threat to security. 

Team building Treasure Hunts
Character Treasure Hunt: 
Secret Squirrell will set you off on your hunt.
Complete the find it list.
Find the costumed characters for further clues
Complete the tasks and challenges
Any location uk wide
Group sizes 6 - 150
These may also be themed.
Victorian, 007, Gangsters, Pirates and many more

Murder Mystery Treasure Hunt
Your team meet at an agreed point to discover the death of.............
Issued with maps and clues, they then set forth to find the suspects in the case who they may interrogate as they go. Collecting further clues and riddles along the way.
Explore the quaint villages of Miss Marple or Midsomer Murders or the world of the Bill's city cops.
Returning at last to a suitable comfortable location for refreshments. They then confer to decide who the killer is.
Again this may be run as a themed event.
Any location UK wide. Half or full day duration.
On foot or using transport. 

Medieval Team building Think Game of Thrones!
Join the world of Knights and Gracious ladies where intrigue, plots and alliances are formed.
Your team must strike up alliances to unite the Kingdom.
Tasks include learning the gracious manners and ways of the court
Learn medieval dance, the medieval methods of dealing with  of crime and punishment, trials of strength and how to negotiate an alliance the medieval way.
Costumes and all props are supplied.
Why not treat your teams to a sumptuous medieval banquet in the evening to show off their newly acquired skills. 

Why not book us for your Xmas party?

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Team Building Games
Table or indoor based along with outdoor Games.
Group sizes from 6 to hundreds.

Team Building Events
Murder Mystery, Spooks & Spy games, Treasure hunts, Medieval Mastery. 

Safe testing
Team building events can be utilised as a safe testing ground for new ideas. Some new ideas fly, others may stall, better here than in the work place.

Physical Team Building
Sports orientated, Football, Hockey,Tag games and more.

Fun Team building and rewards
Medieval Banquets, themed evenings: 1940's, Gangsters, Pirates, 1960's.

Artistic Team Building
Painting, storytelling, dance and music.

Drama Based Team Building
Role play utilising professional role players. Explore the work of Augusto Boal and the theatre of the oppressed.

Medieval Team building
Your team negotiates an alliance, learns the manners of the court, dance and challenges of strength and will.
Costumes and props supplied.
For teams of 15 to 200.

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