Avant Garde team building have a large range of team building activities suitable for away days, half days and evenings.

Team building Games
Table top or Indoor based along with outdoor games.
Group sizes from 6 to hundreds some are more cerebral than others. You as a client can choose the level you wish your team to work at.

Team building events
Murder Mystery, Spooks and spy games, treasure hunts, medieval mastery.
Themed and tailored to your company.

Safe Testing 
Team building events can be used as a safe testing ground for new ideas. Some new ideas may fly fly, others may stall. Better here than in the work place.

Physical team building
Largely sports orientated, Football, Hockey, Tag games and more.

Fun team building and rewards
Medieval Banquets, themed evenings:1940's, Gangsters, Pirates, 007, 1960's, 1970's 'life on mars' style.

Artistic team building
Painting, storytelling, dance and music based team building activities.

Drama based Team building
Role play using professional role players. Exploring the work of Augusto Boal and the theatre of the opressed.

Medieval Team building activities
Your team negotiates an alliance in the days of King Arthur, lears the manners of the court, dance and trials of strength and will.
All costumes and props supplied for groups of 15 to 200.

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