• Rank Order of How Companies Benefit From Teams: (TPT, from  survey of 51 companies in Fortune Top 100) 
    • 1: Greater productivity 
    • 1: Effective use of resources 
    • 1: Better problem solving 
    • 2: Better quality products and services 
    • 3: Creativity and innovation 
    • 3: Higher-quality decisions 
  • Primary reasons cited in 1990 survey for moving toward self-directed teams, by companies that are: (ET) 
    • Quality (38%) 
    • Productivity (22%) 
    • Reduced Operating Costs (17%) 
    • Job Satisfaction (12%) 
    • Restructuring (5%) 
    • Other (6%) 
  • Benefits or Self-Directed Work Teams: (PRIM) 
    • Improved Service and Quality 
    • Reduced Overhead 
    • Increased Productivity 
    • Increased Morale 
  • Benefits to the Organization: (20Q) 
    • More Efficiency and Productivity 
    • Higher Quality 
    • World-class Products 
    • Better Customer Service ... faster, more responsive 
    • Constant Improvement ... of processes 
    • Working Smarter 
    • Better able to make Decisions ... able to compete in time 
    • Utilization of everyone's Brains, Commitment, Creativity 
    • Better Communication ... up, down, sideways 
    • A more Satisfying and Effective Workplace 
    • A Sense of Belonging and Commitment 
    • Constant Growth ... of the organization and its people 
  • Benefits to the Team Members: (20Q) 
    • Empowerment to do what is right and needed 
    • More Information, Knowledge, and Decision-Making capability 
    • More Involvement in Decisions 
    • Ability to Solve Problems 
    • Ability to Innovate Change 
    • More Personal Pride in the quality of the product or service 
    • A feeling of Ownership in the company 
    • The Camaraderie and Support or a Team effort 
    • Rewards ... tied to productivity 
    • Individual Growth and Development ... constant training 
    • Tapping into one's Leadership abilities 
    • Variety and Challenge 
  • "Teams are not ends in themselves; they are a means by which to achieve other organizational goals" (ET) 
  • Alan Brinder: "Self-directed work teams improve productivity, because deep employee involvement builds intense commitment to corporate success" ... "most companies report 20-40% gains in productivity after 18 months" (SDWT) 
  • BusinessWeek, 1989: "GE expects to realize a 40-50% improvement in productivity by organizing its work force into teams" (DSWT) 
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