Teams and organizational culture

  • "Sometimes being a team-player goes counter to the corporate culture. If the organizational norm is 'do your own thing', then working together may not be valued and certainly not recognized and rewarded" (TPT) 
  • "Superior work teams recognize that consistently high performance can be built not on rules but only on values" (DSWT) 
  • Current Methods of Developing a Team-Player Culture: (TPT) 
    • Public statements by Top Management 
    • Important assignments 
    • Training and Development 
    • Promotion 
  • Recommended Methods of Developing a Team-Player Culture: (TPT) 
    • Promotion ... let everyone know that it was because the person was a team player 
    • Upper Management as Team Player models 
    • Performance Appraisal ... 'team player' is in performance plan in more specific terms 
  • "Rating and ranking systems that pit employees against each other in the annual performance review process tend to work against the development of teamwork. A ranking system that includes a requirement for a bell-shaped-curve distribution further emphasizes competition over cooperation." (TPT) 
  • "In some competitive environments, team players withhold technical information from their colleagues because they fear loss of an 'edge' in annual performance appraisals" (TPT) 


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