• Empowered teams 1.
  • Other Team Terminology: "High Performance Teams", "Superior Work Teams", Self-Directed Teams", "Self-Managed Teams", "Self-Managing Teams", "Self-Led Teams", and "Clusters" are other labels used for the same basic stucture and organizational concept. 

    • Definition of Team: "A group of individuals working together to achieve a common business objective through collaborative decision making" (IBM paper "Teams: 1992 Framework") 
    • Definition of a Self-Directed Work Team: "A group of employees (anywhere from 5-15 on the average) who are responsible for a whole product or process. The team plans the work and performs it, managing many of the things supervision or management used to do." (20Q) 
    • Definition of Self-Directed Work Team: "A highly trained group of employees, from 6 to 18, on average, fully responsible for turning out a well-defined segment of finished work" ... Work teams plan, set priorities, organize, coordinate with others, measure and take corrective action, solve problems, schedule and assign work, and in many cases handle personnel issues" (SDWT) 
    • Definition of Self-Directed Work Team: "A functional group of employees (usually between 8-15 members) who share the responsibility for a particular unit of production. The work team consists of trained individuals who possess the technical skills and ability necessary to complete all assigned tasks. Management has delegated to the team the authority to plan, implement, control, and improve all work processes" (PRIM) 
    • Definition of Self-Directed Work Teams: "Small groups of people empowered to manage themselves and the work they do on a day-to-day basis ... an intact group of employees who are responsible for a 'whole' work process or segment that delivers a product or service to an internal or external customer." (ET) 
    • Definition of a Cluster: "A group of people drawn from different disciplines who work together on a semipermanent basis ... 30-50 members, with smaller work teams of 5-7 members within the cluster ... a cluster organization is made up of many such clusters and a small residual hierarchy, which administers the business as a whole." (ROC) 
    • Definition of Work Teams: "Members of work teams not only cooperate in all aspects of their task performance, they share in what are traditionally thought of as management functions and responsibilities, such as joint planning, organizing the team, setting performance goals, assessing the team's performance, developing their own strategies to manage change, and securing their own resources." (DSWT)
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