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"Facilitation; Do It With Style!"

By: Steven R. Gustafson, MS
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This article will focus on the merger of two different models that identify different individual and group characteristics. Upon closer examination, we see that these two models
supplement one another very well. By merging these two models, we are then able to view the behaviors of specific individuals or the group as a whole. This information will allow the facilitator to observe the group's growth, measured against the merger of these two models. While there are many different styles and designs available for a facilitator to utilize, many of them hinge on a previous design or model. This article is about such a merger.

The first model which focuses on the individual, is the Flow Theory Model, Beyond Boredom and Anxiety, Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly, (1975). This model identifies an individual's mental state during a given life experience. The three realms are; Boredom, Flow Channel, and Anxiety. The Flow Theory model is complex and refers more to the mental consciousness in relation to holistic life experiences. The model diagram is as follows:

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