• The Model for Superior Work Teams: (DSWT) 
    • Results 
      1. Maximum use of team's human resources 
      2. Superior outputs against all odds 
      3. Continuous improvement 
    • Leadership 
      1. Focused on team and teamwork 
      2. Focused on both development and performance 
      3. Initiator: makes teamwork the norm for all actions 
      4. Model: model teamwork in the way they conduct their own business and the way they interact with their colleagues 
      5. Coach: counseling, mentoring, tutoring, improving performance 
    • Informal processes 
      1. Communicating and contacting: respect and mutuality 
      2. Responding and adapting: overcoming old bad habits and coping with change 
      3. Imfluencing and improving 
      4. Appreciating and celebrating 
    • Feelings 
      1. Inclusion 
      2. Commitment 
      3. Loyalty 
      4. Pride 
      5. Trust 
    • Key Strategies & Methodologies: at the center of the above 4, and drive all of them 
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