007 Secret agent team building

Your team are given the chance to train as covert operators or 'Spooks' and then carry out a secret mission.
Fun event with a good mix of skills required.

Training includes: Cross the chasm and rescue the injured aliens.
Secret signals - across about 500 yds without physical  aids how do you communicate?
Exploding balls (best not to ask)
Who lives conundrum
Escape and evade
Morse Code

The group will be split into mini teams and compete. They are given code names at the start and have to maintain though out the day
The tasks are a mixture of physical  (not too strenuous) and the more cerebral.

See also SPOOKS MI5 Version

What Domino Pizzas said about this event

I would like to thank your whole team for making our company team day such a fantastic success. I have heard nothing but praise from every team member , including the sceptical ones, for the way you organised the mornings events. You managed to tailor the day to exactly what we needed, with a mixture of fun, learning and subliminal team building, so that people didn't even realise they were gelling together.
Thank you again for your professionalism, expertise and for far exceeding our expectations

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One of our most popular Team Building events, which can be run as a full or half day.
suitable for group sizes of 12 to more tham 100 people,
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