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Character Treasure Hunt:

Secret Squirrell will set you off on your hunt.
complete the find it list.
Find the costumed characters for further clues
Complete the tasks and challenges
Any location uk wide
Group sizes 6 - 150
These may also be themed.
Victorian, 007, Gangsters, Pirates and many more

Murder Mystery Treasure Hunt:

Your team meet at an agreed point to discover the death of.............
Issued with maps and clues, they then set forth to find the suspects in the case who they may interrrogate as they go. Collecting further clues and riddles along the way.
Explore the quaint villages of Miss Marple or Midsomer Murders or the world of the Bill's city cops.
Returning at last to a suitable comfortable location for refreshments. They then confer to decide who the killer is.
Again this may be run as a themed event.
Any location UK wide. Half or full day duration.
On foot or using transport.

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Rally Hunt new for 2013
Using your cars ending with a picnic or meal
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