4 Team-player Styles: (TPT) 
  1. "Contributor: The Contributor is task-oriented team member who enjoys providing the team with good technical information and data, does his homework, and pushes the team to set high performance standards and to use their resources wisely. Most people see him as dependable, although he sometimes becomes too bogged down in the details, misses the big picture, or does not see the need for a positive team climate. He is responsible, authoritative, reliable, proficient, and organized. 
  2. Collaborator: The Collaborator is a goal-directed member who see the vision, mission of goal of the team as paramount but is flexible and open to new ideas, willing to pitch in and work outside his or her defined role, and to share the limelight with other team members. Most people see him as a big picture person, but he sometimes fails periodically to revisit the mission, to give enough attention to the basic team tasks, or to consider the individual needs of the other team members. He is forward-looking, goal-directed, accommodating, flexible, and imaginative. 
  3. Communicator: The communicator is a process-oriented member who is an effective listener and facilitator of involvement, conflict resolution, consensus building, feedback, and the building of an informal relaxed climate. Most people see him as a positive "people person", but sometimes he may see a process as an end in itself, may not confront other team members, or may not give enough emphasis to completing task assignments and making progress toward team goals. He is supportive, considerate, relaxed, enthusiastic, and tactful. 
  4. Challenger: The Challenger is a member who questions the goals, methods, and even the ethics of the team, is willing to disagree with the leader or higher authority, and encourages the team to take well-conceived risks. Most people appreciate the value of his candor and openness, but sometimes he may not know when to back off on an issue or he becomes self-righteous and tries to push the team too far. He is honest, outspoken, principled, ethical, and adventurous." 
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